Averting a Government Shutdown, and Reinforcing Air Travel Infrastructure, Weather Alert Systems and National Defense Initiatives

Relaxing Small Business Accountability and Supporting Veteran Homelessness and Substance Abuse Disorders

Expanding Benefits for Veterans and Extending Government Funding Until Jan. 19, 2024

Banning Weapons Training in Public Schools, Funding Assistance for Ukraine, and Various Appropriations Bills for Fiscal Year 2024

Sanctioning Terrorist Activities by Iran, Accelerating Disaster Assistance and Expanding Healthcare Opportunities for Native Americans

Monitoring Trade Agreements with Taiwan, Promoting Plain-Language Rules, and Expanding Recruiting and Training for Law Enforcement

Compensating Service Members and Establishing Rules and Procedures for Ethical Matters

Raising the Debt Ceiling, Protecting Air Travel and Repealing the Iraq AUMF

Increasing the Federal Debt Limit, Improving Disaster Resources and Attempting to Reduce Government Waste

Shoring Up Services for Veterans, Energy Production and Cybersecurity Risks